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“Invasion of Genzerich on Rome”, Karl Pavlovich Bryullov - description of the painting

“Invasion of Genzerich on Rome”, Karl Pavlovich Bryullov - description of the painting

Genserich's invasion of Rome - Karl Pavlovich Bryullov. 88 x 117.9 cm

455 year of our era. The leader of the Germanic Vandal tribes, King Genzerich piracy in the Mediterranean Sea and invades Rome, having plundered it almost to the point.

Of course, this is not just an invasion, but the result of secret games of high-ranking Romans and Empress Eudoxia. With the help of political intrigues, an attempt was made to use Genzerich for his own purposes in seizing power.

But, the barbarians do not need power, they need jewelry, gold, slaves. Although there was an agreement to surrender the city without destruction, Genzerich did not fulfill his promise and robbed Rome for two weeks.

It was this story with such great skill that was executed by Karl Bryullov in 1836. The idea appeared in the artist in 1833, when he traveled to Italy, but the sketch itself was drawn in Moscow. Moreover, Briullov temporarily lost interest in this work, although the well-known fact that A.S. Pushkin, having seen the sketch, was completely delighted with the idea and the execution of the sketches, believing that it would be no less interesting than Pompeii.

A panorama of the street opens before the viewer, on which the warriors of Genzerich ruthlessly, rude and fiercely boss. The king himself in the center of the composition is depicted as a wild medieval knight giving orders to his black Moors to seize the kneeling Empress Eudoxia and her daughters.

In the far left part of the canvas, barbarians knock down statues, in the right part they make rich prey - golden menorah, church supplies, and jewelry. On the steps of the temple the motionless figure of the clergyman, he froze from the sight of sacrilege and from helplessness.

And barbarians in their fierce excitement kill, drag, grab not only precious things, but also no less expensive goods on the market - people, especially young women. Fear, horror and grief on women's faces. Frenzy, rage and enthusiasm from the pursuit of prey - on the faces of the vandals.

The once beautiful city of Rome was devastated and destroyed.

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