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“Girl with a Rose”, Christian Krog - description of the painting

“Girl with a Rose”, Christian Krog - description of the painting

Girl with a Rose - Christian Krog.

This work of the Norwegian artist leaves a double impression. But you just have to stop and peer carefully at the canvas, as significant details are revealed that indicate to the audience that this young, fragile creature is not really idly resting in his chair.

Most likely, the girl is seriously ill or is recovering from a prolonged illness. Looking at her sad face with suffering huge eyes, a compassionate and sensitive audience, who does not know anything about the history of the creation of the canvas, can come up with a whole story of her short life.

Given the number of diseases with transient consumption during the creation of the picture, it can be assumed that we see a terminally ill girl. This is indicated by a soft pillow behind her back, and legs carefully covered with a warm plaid. Explicitly ill eyes are inseparably looking at the viewer, as if they want to remember forever this huge shining world, no longer accessible to this young girl.

There is one element in the picture that clearly indicates the frailty of being and the brevity of life. This is a delicate rose, as fragile and vulnerable as the girl herself. Her hands are pulling the shoot, mercilessly breaking fragile leaves. They crumble, falling along the rug to the ground. This is the most striking allegory of mortality of all living things.

The picture is made in large, expressive strokes, especially spectacular in the image of a white dress or shirt of a girl. They perfectly convey heavily crumpled clothing material. But in the image of the plaid, they are completely different, emphasizing its softness and density.

There are no details in this canvas, as, however, in most other works of the artist. A smooth olive background, a dark carved armchair and white clothes, a pillow and a plaid allow you to focus all attention on the girl's face and hands, on a delicate pink rose.

The two red stripes on the plaid and its edge treated with red thread look like bloody wounds that simply cross out the whiteness of its earthly existence.

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