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“Diana after the hunt”, Francois Boucher - description of the painting

“Diana after the hunt”, Francois Boucher - description of the painting

Diana after the hunt - Francois Boucher. 37 x 52 cm

Francois Boucher, being a recognized master of the Rococo era, always preferred the elegant and sophisticated genres in his work: allegories, pastorals and, of course, mythological history. The mythology of Greece and ancient Rome for the artist has always remained an inexhaustible source of inspiration. In addition, such stories were invariably successful among Boucher's contemporaries, preferring paintings that fit perfectly into the fashionable interior, executed in warm, soft colors, not screaming, but leisurely narrating and having a rest.

The canvas "Diana after the hunt", written by Francois Boucher in 1745, is the clearest example of mythological painting in the Rococo style. The reality and credibility in the image of the proud goddess-hunter, who stopped along with her companions to wash her legs after a difficult hunt and a long run, is being faded into the background.

Before us is a young, beautiful goddess radiating bliss and languor with an aristocratic graceful gesture unleashes the strap of a sandal. The skin of the fair-haired beauty is tender and transparent, as if she had never seen the open scorching sun, thin small feet are not disfigured by the earth and sharp stones, and clothes falling from Diana’s white shoulders are more appropriate in the boudoir of the French coquette than on the edge of a dense forest. Such an ideal image arose thanks to the artist’s desire to sing girlish beauty and youth.

The painting has become a kind of hymn to the perfection and perfection of women. To implement the idea, the most favorite methods of François Boucher were used: the use of soft, rounded lines, soft pink and translucent golden palette, detail in the drawing of each image. Craftsmanship did not disappoint the artist - the painting "Diana after the hunt" is distinguished by a rare appeal and charm.

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