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"Festival of wreaths of roses", Albrecht Durer - description of the painting

Rose Wreath Festival - Albrecht Durer. 162 x 194 cm

The colorful multi-figure painting “Feast of the Rosary” by Albrecht Durer was a significant event in the creative life of the master - society finally saw in him not only a talented successful engraver, but also a virtuoso painter.

At the beginning of the 1500s, Dürer traveled around Italy, getting to know local craftsmen, whose art at that time was recognized as a reference. In Venice, the artist receives an order for a painting from German merchants who have long settled in this city. Right here, in a city called the “pearl of Italy," Dürer writes an altar image for the church, which was located near the trading house of the merchant Fondaco Tedeschi.

The plot focuses on the fragile and inspired Virgin Mary holding the naked baby Jesus in her arms. The little boy lifted a wreath of white and red roses over his head, ready to drop it on Maximilian the First. A wreath of roses is a symbol of the unification of all Christians, where white flowers mean the purity and purity of Mary, and red ones mean the suffering of Jesus. Catholics around the world pray with beads in their hands. The Mother of God lays her wreath on the head of Pope Julius II.

Researchers note the significant influence of Italian masters on Dürer when creating this work. In particular, the angel who plays music at Maria’s feet is a frequent leitmotif of Italian masters' paintings.

Above Maria’s head, two angels hold a heavy crown - the crown of the Habsburgs. We also see St. Dominic, who distributes wreaths to the laity. The figure on the right in beautiful clothes is Dürer himself. In addition to himself, the artist portrayed the famous architect Jerome, Cardinal Grimani and the merchants themselves customers.

Over its five hundred year history, the magnificent painting has survived a series of damage and reconstruction. Today, the completely restored painting “The Holiday of Wreaths of Roses” is kept in the National Gallery of Prague.

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